Dating this guy that keeps wanting to take me out on a scooter help?

I work at a bank; he is a law student at my country and will be returning home to the usa in the next 2 months. Although he is very sweet and loving and keeps inviting me out to dates I have a problem with him as in the beginning when we were dating he picked me up in a jeep he said he shared with his roommate. Now that we are a bit more official he wants to pick me up from work with his scooter rather than the jeep. Now I have no problem getting on if I am dressed casually but on a weekday I dress in formal clothes to attend to work, with the company's logo. I just feel like it is a bit disrespectful to be riding around in the back of a scooter with heels and a suit. Since I am not certain if this relationship may endure long distance I don't wanna take any chances of being too public with it. For if we split I will find problems getting another native island fella to date me as I have dated outside my race.

Now, I really like this fella and I don’t want to lose him how can I tell him about the situation without sounding too rude snobbish or bossy


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  • You simply go to him, and say that it's nice for him to pick you up in a scooter, however your dress really makes you comfortable when you're riding behind his back.


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