Is this a confirmation for a date? Do I need one? I'm confused

Me: Want to hang out?

him: sure will do brb

me: OK wed?

him: (12 hours later?!) yeah wed work

me: (15 hours later) OK, sounds good

he hasn't written back

do we have a date?


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  • he asked you to hang out. If a guy want to date you then he will make his action clear. No it is exactly what it means hang out. Ask him if he is asking you out on a date or just to hang out as friends. You don't want to think one thing and he is thinking another. I know this my seems scary to ask but is for the best. You have protect your feelings because know one else will.


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  • Is this your boyfriend? if it is, he will probably confirm something either later today or tomorrow...if not, I wouldn't necesarily call it a "date". It kinda seems like you're doing all the work :S

  • If you guys haven't confirmed a specific time & place, I don't think it's a date. Just make sure of the details first. Hope it works out. Good luck!