Black girls:Have you seen this skin color or phenotyp- ical favoritism among black women?

That black men and other men favor the black women who resembles the Hollywood "black woman", she is very medium light skinned. She always has long hair, maybe because she is mulatto, she has a thin nose and a very thin body. The type of body American praises. It is very thin. I have seen that favoritism, but how do you feel about it and what do you do to mend that situation in your personal life? For me it has not been easy to mend, I always see other men and black men with white or lighter skinned women. Maybe it has to do with what men watch online, you know and they become sexual for other women and inhibited from certain ones not entertained online. I am not sure. My plan has not changed.

How do you feel about young black girls and their prospects dating and marrying in the near future.

I know that I may not even become a good role model...for I am using ivory lightening pills, nose tighters like nose right, losing weight intensely(jogging 500 jumping jacks), and using hairinfinity with flat irons.

Do you see this issue and how do you cope?


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  • I'm a Chinese guy, and I think that you should be proud of who you are, and not to change for others to accept you. Beauty comes in all forms, shapes,color and sizes. Just go find the right man for you. Beauty is also in the eye of the beholder. So even if you change, it's how others see what's beautiful, they may not even notice the difference. Anyhow... I think you shouldn't let media dictate to you on what beauty is, but just embrace who you are be more "confident" about yourself.

    • I am confident, but thanks..the problem is not much men like black women in the first place...time is ticking and the black women who look a certain way are getting the love..really

      At least Asian men have their multitudes of guys are lucky

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  • Yeah. I feels ya. It just makes me extremely insecure. Like I REALLY want to lose weight and be lighter. And I love curly hair but I like those curls that are looser than what I have so I use perm rods. It makes me want to change myself and starve myself and hate myself.

  • It's sad

    • it was sad for me, but I gave up and I use lightening pills now which work good, ivory caps are good stuff!

    • :O recipe for cancer and a short life.

    • Ivory caps have been reviewed and some women didn't get very light like pale but no cancer . That those f Ed up creams.

  • Where do you live? Most black guys are not checking for Hollywood skinny girls.they like girls who are thick, some even like chubby girls. I could lose a little weight but I don't feel pressure to be a size 0. I'm not trying to look like Zoe saldana. I'd rather have a body like Kenya moore

    U need to get more in touch with the black community instead of trying to be accepted by white will never be one of proud to be black

  • What are you saying? We have to change our appearance huh?

    • How do you mend this general issue? I just want to know about you and what you do?

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    • id hardly call nicki manaj and rihanna icons, they just get a loud public image. just because someone is in the media doesn't equate that with being everybodies preference. lots of us find black girls dark and light hot

    • Maybe in Europe and I have met some European men here in the States at Foreign from now I am talking about the likes of American men since I am here ..and they are in tune to the likes of the American media...not your wondrous likes...thanks anyhow...focusing on where I live. You are great .