I never date. I need to vent. What did I do to deserve a lonely fate?

Valentine's day happens to be tomorrow and I couldn't feel more unwanted. I've never had a date and it's not from lack of trying.

What brings up these feelings in me is that I asked this girl to get together sometime, and she said yes. She seemed to be interested in me, always checking me out and smiling at me. So I tried following up a few times and she never even answered me. It always, ALWAYS goes like this for me. Damn. My whole "dating" life has been like that. That was probably the closest to success I ever got. But damn, here we go again.

The only "attention" I've ever gotten from someone is attention that I've had to pay for.

Dating sites? Networking sites?

No profile views/ messages I send get read sometimes, but always deleted.

I don't think girls give a sh*t about me, even though I know I'm a good person who has lots to offer. Damn.

I don't need "advice" right now. Just a little compassion.

And not only do I feel unwanted, but very inferior especially to those who are dating.
I never get texts or messages or anything that other guys do either. I don't know why.


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  • You remember the first time you throttled the eggplant? Well Jesus saw, and now you're paying for it.

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