Does he have feelings for me?

hey :)

i've been dating this guy since August 2012.

we never talked about a relationship or about our feelings, neither if we were seeing other men or women.

he has to travel a lot because of his job. so he's all in all one week/month at home and that's when we are seeing each other.

the last 2 times he came home I felt that he must have really missed me while he was gone. he took a picture of me and was looking for explanations why he did that (as if he felt uncomfortable for taking one), he also kissed me on my forehead and sweet stuff like that...

a few days ago he suddenly changed his relationship status to "in a relationship" on the internet. (no women liked it, or commented on it)

he immediately wrote me a text message on the phone and told me he had no other, he just wanted to change so that other girls back off...

I don't know what to think about it. but I can't imagine that he is dating other girls, he wouldn't have the time for that ^^ because he spends time with me when he's not working, .

should I believe it?

what's the point in that? why would he do that?

Is it possible that he wanted to see how I would react? If I'll get jealous or if I don't want him to date other women?

Or is it something else?



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  • You should believe it.

    It's a major sign that he really wants to be with you, and wants other women to back off.

    You're the only girl for him.


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