Why women have sex...

Now I understand why women will have sex with a guy to keep them around. Not that I have done this, but I am definitely playing with the idea in my head. At first, the guy was super engaged... he send text messages all day, asked me on dates, and really cared about how I was doing. Over the past week he has really backed off, but still asked me over a few times last week and this weekend.

Sunday we had a great evening together, but I haven't talked to him since. What's going on? We haven't had sex yet, and I'm not planning on if it things don't move forward, but I've definitely played with the idea in my head if it will get him back to being engaged.

I know, stupid--- but now I get why women do it!


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  • If a guy has backed off, it means he isn't interested. He may be interested in sex, but if he isn't communicating with you anymore, he isn't interested in anything besides possible sex.

    If a guy is interested, he'll take the time to communicate with you.

  • That's the biggest mistake women can make because sex will only keep him around for the sex (if he doesn't just hit it and quit it which is a possibility) but if you like him and want a relationship you're not gonna get more than that. I know it's tempting but remember you have what he wants so don't just give it away before he has proved he's gonna be good for you

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