Perpetually Single guy needs help

I am a 27 year old who has never been on a 3rd date, much less had any sort of physical experiences. I have tried online dating for like 6 years and have gotten one date. Hell, in the last 3 years I have messages almost every woman that sounded interesting and only one or 2 ever replied, and one had a good friend ask her out right after, the other revealed she was into polyamory. The fact is that women seem to find the idea of dating me flat out repellant.

The first woman I ever loved was my best friend in 9th grade. After sending her an email asking why she stood me up twice, she informed me that she never liked me, that she just felt sorry for me, and predicted I would end up a 30 year old virgin.

Then came many iterations of asking someone out and being given the just friends speech. Then a girl who attacked me with a knife when I asked her out. Then after years of not being interested in dating I tried again and the just friends speechs started again.

Most people suggest getting friends to help, bit they are mainly single guys, so it wouldn't be much help, and my one female friend knows I like her, and I don't think would help cause she wants me single as a safety net.

How the Hell do I break this cycle? The fact is that the longer it goes on the more self concious I become and the lower my self esteem gets, at least with respect to dating.


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  • How are you going after these girls?

    Do you copy/paste them all the same thing?

    Are you asking out random girls? I'd never in a million years date someone I just met. Get to know the girls first!

  • People are vain. Everything in this society is about looking good or being able to provide better than the next. You will need to do one or the other to up your chance. Maybe put up pics where you look buffer or hotter, a little younger, well groomed... Basically give a girl some eye candy. Then let your personality turn them on.

    Now... You may try a chat room... Where it is just talking first. That can grab a girls attention...

    Save money to do some really cool dates like a concert or something she is really into for when the door opens.

    Try something different than what you've been doing basically.


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