What should I do? did he blow me off? please help!

I went out on a date with this guy a week ago everything went great we even kissed goodnight!..we spoke like 2 days after the date then we didn't talk for 2 days so I reached out and asked him if he wanted to workout together he said sure but it has to be when he gets out of school. I agreed,however he then texted me 2 hours before saying " he couldn't make it, can we do it another time?" because he had just got called into work! is he trying to blow me off? and what should I do from here out to see if he's really interested?


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  • There's a chance that he really did get called into work. That's something you can't be sure about. When I was in retail, I've been called a few times when a co-worker called out and they needed the coverage. Just be cool with it and make plans for another day.

    • I understand he maybe did have work but if he doesn't reschedule himself I feel like he's not interested.. and its Valentine's day and he hasn't texted :(

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    • ok thank you so much! ya but it would be nice if he reached out without me trying to make plans again..that way he's making the effort you know? :/ I don't know I'm just hoping he's not playing games.

    • It would be nice if he reached out, but this is really just a test. If you ask him to hang, and he gives you the run around, then you know he's full of it. If a man has an interest in a woman, he's not going to turn down a request to spend time with her.

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