What would convince you to try an LDR with someone you dated in person?

Is an LDR just way too much trouble to make anything worth it? What would it take for you to agree to one? If nothing would, why not?

NOT as in online dating. Say you casually dated in person and had really good chemistry, but then one of you moved out of state. And even after moving neither of you wanted to stop talking to the other, and there were some "i miss you"s thrown around now and then. But you only dated for a month. Would you view an LDR as too serious for such a short amount of time spent together?

Guys' perspectives would be most helpful.


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  • Iife is for once, and if you are lucky to find your other half, no boundaries and distance should stop you, itss worth it.

    • Best answer. I also did an LDR like you are describing. Married today with same person. Very happy.

      Not many people pull them off though. satyam7487's point of view describes how I felt.

    • @satyam that was beautiful, thank you for your input.

      @Pedantic you only dated for a short while before being separated? What was it about her or your relationship that made you decide to continue long distance, if I may ask?

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  • Hmmm...how long is this long distance relationship?

    • Maybe about a year. I'd relocate if it worked out.

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    • Ohh. I'm on the west coast, he's on the east. So literally on opposite ends of the states.

    • If that's the case, I would move to be with that person.

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  • I am currently in a long distance relationship. I have to say it takes trust and a lot more effort to make it work. Missing each other all the time and knowing you can't spend as much time as normal couples usually do are just hard to deal with. And the most important question you have to ask yourselves is how long it is going to be. The thing is one of you needs to move in the future. If it can't be done, then having a long distance relationship is just wasting your time. I wish you the best that everything will work out.