So I've been talking to this guy for a few months...Need help!

We recently hooked up about 2 weeks ago and we have hung out for the last 2 weekends. This last weekend everything was amazing we all went out with a group of friends that we are both friends with, He was showing affection and everything in public. We came back to my place and hooked up again. We hung out Friday-Sunday. He lives 45 min away. So my question though is after he went back home he texted me and I text him back he didn't text back but he called me the next night asked me to come see him but then I told him I couldn't because I worked the next day. Mind you it was a Tuesday! So then we were talking and his phone cut out because he didn't have any good reception. I tried calling and I left him a text the next day. Haven't heard from him since the night he told me to come see him...Am I reading too much into this? He acted like he was really into me and now he hasn't talked to me for over 24 hours!


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  • Yes you are definitely overreacting. Give him a couple of days.


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