What do I wear for my date with a guy I met online?

I met a guy on an online dating site. I'll be meeting him for the first time tomorrow night. He's coming over, we're gonna watch a movie, sip on wine, and then go out to the bars around midnight. How should I dress?

When I usually go out, I almost always wear a little dress, so that's what I was gonna do (pair it with black tights and heels) but I'm afraid that it might be too formal for during the movie?


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  • You alluded to what I would suggest a bit in your second paragraph. You want to dress in an outfit that you're comfortable going out with but something that isn't going to seem weird at a movie. I'm guessing he's going to dress pretty casually right? Guys usually have the luxury of being able to wear jeans and a nice shirt to any occasion and it working. Maybe one of your simpler dresses would do? I'm no fashion expert so I have no business suggesting a specific outfit, but just tone down your typical going out outfit so that it's appropriate for the movies

    Good luck! Meeting someone from online for the first time is very nerve wracking! :)


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