Classic question. Paying situation on a second date.

So it's the age-old question of paying on the second date, I've looked at some of the things about this online but it seems to be mostly adults, which isn't useful to a 16 year old as the generations are different.

We just had our first date today and she offered to pay for lunch but I took the bill. We're going bowling on Saturday and I really don't mind paying. My only qualm is that if I pay again on the second it might become expected of me and that can drain the budget pretty quickly.

We both have money as we both work, just not copious amounts we're only in high school after all.

I see both sides, I support equality in all aspects and like to defy tradition but I see a certain allure in the gentlemanly conduct of old.

I think we both plan for this to be long-term if nothing odd happens that would prevent that. So that isn't an issue I don't think.

I doubt it matters much but my mind feels the need to complicate everything.

We both have money, I have over $1200 right now that I've earned from my job at Domino's and she works at a printing place and as a nanny so I think we're almost equal, don't know the exact figures.


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  • Why not go dutch? (Both pay for their own) I prefer to go dutch because then I don't feel like I owe anything.


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  • If you don't have the money have her pay as well. There was a point where I didn't have much money and my girlfriend had a lot more, and I didn't mind her paying most of the time. I'm twice your age, but I do like to pay for dates.

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