Really I shouldn't date?

So I had posted a question about being upset over what to do with a first date with a guy since I recently became unemployed. I was upset over not being able to pay my half and what to do. So someone ansered that I shouldn't date if I can't afford to pay half or just not date until I am "stable" since a relationship cannot become serious or last if I am not working. Really I haven't dated very much as men would always get fed up with my rainchecks or work schedule. I finally have time and a nice guy, but I shouldn't go? And I am stable enough to pay all my bills for a while, but no extras.

  • He's crazy in todays economy that knocks out half of people from the dating pool
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  • Don't do it you are only trying to be a moocher
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  • Wait so let's break down the logic:

    - Don't date

    - Get money so you can date

    - Date

    But right now you're in a position where you can date, just not really do anything fancy. So keep it casual and skip step one & 2. Let the guy know maybe if you feel it's important. But I don't see the point in not dating so you can get money to date when you can, in fact, date right now.


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What Guys Said 3

  • If you are getting asked out then you should go! The person doing the asking out is supposed to pay anyways!

  • I wasn't saying don't date at all, but I'm saying you're not going to have a good relationship if you want something serious and long term if you don't get stable first. You can still date, but you should also try dates that don't really cost you money. Walks or something.

    • That's the point you made. And I don't mind that stuff. But for a person I don't know it's a safety issue. And I am stable. I have money to live self sufficiently for 6 months with no extras like going out. I think you are making presumptions about people.

    • You're not stable though. You are more so atm on a life boat. You have enough to keep yourself afloat for awhile, but it's not stable grounds.

      And you can date, but realize money is the #1 issue for marriages to end and many relationships in general. So I'm just saying, you're better off getting stable and being close with the person, but not getting too serious until you're stable.

  • If a guy was broke and couldn't pay for dinners, what would suggest to him? And be completely honest about that. I'm being optimistic and naive with that, but...

    • I actually was going to date a guy who was unemployed while I had a job. I offered to pay for everything. I usually have dated guys that make less than me so it never really mattered. But I firmly believe that the girl should at least offer to pay. I also try to do other things once we are comfortable, like renting movies, and making dinner. For people I don't know I prefer public places the first few times for safety reasons.

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    • No I meant the comment itsself confused me.

    • Pull off being broke and getting the girl to pay for them.

What Girls Said 1

  • Who says you have to go on a date that costs money? You guys could do a lot of free stuff like go to the park and hang out and eat cheap food like hot dogs and ice cream (ain't no shame in scraping up $1 in quarters lol). Have movie nights at home. Things like that.

    If you can't do that then I say don't date until you get settled. Maybe you should focus on job hunting instead.