Inviting his roommates?

So me and this guy had been on 2 dates, after meeting at a bar. On the first meeting I'd met one of his roommates and then on the first date that roommate made an appearance too.

Then on our third date, which was to go play laser tag, I met him at his house and he brought two of his roommates along...without telling me he was going to. They just left the house with us and came along. They're nice, but, WTF? am I just seen as a buddy now?

The guy hadn't even kissed me til the end of that last date (after we got back to the house and spent extra time with the roommates all drinking). Am I friend zoned?


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  • This is the first time I've ever a girl ask something like this, my guess is that:

    He's nervous to be alone with you and wants his friends there for support. It doesn't mean that he's a bad guy, just nervous around girls.

    Find some humour in it - bring a female friend of yours who's single and horny with you the next time, and don't tell him about it in advance. Have your friend flirt with his friend and then drag him away somewhere, so that you and your date can be alone.

  • Wow that is a weird one. I've need known a guy to friend zone a girl after going on a couple of dates. Slowly hint at him why he's bringing his buddies along when you want to spend some time alone with him only, and see how he responds.


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