Is he serious about her?

A guu I dated way back is dating this new girl. Theyve actually been together for about 2 years and here's the situation.

1. He imtroduced her to a couple of close friends but doesn't introduce her to acquaintances. Neither of their close friends are on each others Facebook.

2. He hasn't introduced her to his family especially his kids and apparently he has no intention of doing so. He said he wants to keep his family affairs and girl related matters separate.

3. I'm conflicts between the current and the ex he makes the effort not to antagonize the ex and with that never does anything like don't fight with my girlfriend or has stated to the ex in person that he's in love with someone else.

4. he's "married on paper". The wife is in another country and hardly makes contact. However he's still close with her close friendds. Currently they don't invite him anymore on account of the fact that they feel he's playing around. He tells the friends that the girl is psycho and accessed his email accounts and all that. He doesn't want anymore and hell dump her. But its been awhile and apprently he hasn't done it yet. According to the girl the guy says its okay for them to date because the wife and him already talked. But if that were the case shouldn't he have told the friends insteaf of experiencing ostrazation?


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  • Sounds like friends wanna be in the relationship too...its a plain and simple relationship that doesn't always include friends...

    He can take all the time he wants to introduce him to fam...and sounds like he isn't intrested in ever

    introducing him to acquaintances... Friends are friends they don't have to know all the 411 on his and hers relationship...ull drive yourself crazy with all the questions...sorry to say but sounds like your all hung up on this guy...his actions speak louder then words and sounds like he is intrested in her obviously...