How do you get your heart and head to match?

I dated this guy for almost a year but I can't say that we were seriously committed. We were off and on. I did date other guys when we were off, and he didn't like it, but I got the feeling that he was with other girls. I know that breaking up is for the best, because it became a rollercoaster, but I can't quite get over it. I miss him and haven't really found anyone that I like as much. The reason we ended it is because he moved out of state but I still think about him a lot. Sometimes I wish we never met because I've never had this much trouble getting over someone! How do you move on when you know you should be but your heart doesn't want to?


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  • The heart and the mind usually contradict each other. Emotion is the opposite of logic.

    The way I get over someone I like/liked is by keeping my mind and body busy. I write, getting the words out of me. I play guitar or piano, spilling the emotions. I exercise more, making me feel detoxed and fresh and it clears the mind.

    The key is to do the things you enjoy most in life, and keep busy. Surround yourself with the people you love and who love you.

    I'm sorry you're heartbroken. It will get better!

    I wish you the best!