Is he afraid to directly turn me down?

I've gone out on a couple dates with this guy. After the first date he immediately texts me and tells me he wants to see me soon. After the second he tells me I looked great. I am very busy so I thought maybe he wanted me to initiate. So I sent him a text message and said:

me: How was your Easter?

him: Hi sweetie, just finished mentioning you to a client and how busy you will be in the next months.

me: I will be coming home a couple weekends during April and said maybe we can find some time to meet up?

him: Yes, let's try.

me: How are you looking for this weekend or next, or is it too early to tell?

He hasn't responded. That was 6 hours ago.


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  • Wow, just wait. It's only been a couple hours. Sometimes I don't respond to text messages/calls because I forget or I'm busy. Nothing intentional or that I don't like the guy.

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