No contact but he sent me a valentine text

Was dating this guy which he started acting distant with me so I texted him and said that I was pretty much done and for him to take care. This was a month ago and he never replied back to it. Well he sent me a happy Valentine text. What could that mean or am I reading too much into it? A little background about us is that I have trust issues and was always making accusations which he said he was tired of and he also said that I treated him like I wasn't interested. He's a good guy and I believe I pushed him away but he could have acknowledged my text a month ago.. opinions please?

So a lot of the answers suggested that he sent out a mass text but I spoke to my cousin nd she said he didn't text her for vday so maybe it wasn't a mass text. But I can't stop thinking about him now. I wish he would have kept the convo going. I won't contact him though.
So he texted me again today just wanting to say hi. I'm not sure where this is going or what his intentions are but I guess I'll just sit back and see.
Ok so I texted him last night and he didn't reply and nothing today. I sent him one of those romantic pictures that has a message basically saying that I care..I'm mad.


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  • It could have been a text he forwarded to everyone in his phone.unless he was specifically talking to you and you know like he used your name, there is a chance it was just a fwd text.don't read much into it.he's had the opportunity to reach out to you so don't get worked up over a text


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  • I suggest you just tell him how things were, tell him you were interested (if you were) or tell him you weren't interested. Maybe he is/was into you, but he thought you weren't into him so he left you alone. But since he may be still into you, he sent you that valentine text. Just let him know if you were/are into him :)

  • i think you are reading too much into it

    he means nothing but wanna remind you that he liked you once and I think he still likes you but am afraid to tell you that it doesn't seem gd to not send a reply to such an important message on your relationship I guess he was not that serious

  • He might've just sent it to be nice, I get "Happy _______" texts from people I rarely talk to as well sometimes.

    Another possibility, he sent a mass text to everyone.

    Did you respond?

    • Yes I said same to you and he said you're welcome. Then I asked how he been and he said OK and you and I replied good. That was the end

    • It sounds like he was just being nice. He would've kept it going if that was his intention.

    • Well honestly I would have preferred him to not send anything if that was the case. What's the point in that? We have had no contact in a month he could have kept it that way

  • Maybe he sent the text to all of the contacts in his phone?

    Was there your name in it?

    • No my name wasn't in it. I thought he sent a mass text but then normally when people send mass text it usually says fwd.

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