Why would she be mad and silent?

Been dating this girl for about month and half. Couple of weekends ago we got intimate, after we did that she started want to talk to me more (she is really introvert personality) . So went to her place on Tuesday that week to watch a movie, I could tell she wanted me to stay the night. I was catching a cold and left early she seemed OK with that. I didn't text her for 2 days, so she text me on Thursday of that week. Said something like have fun tonight because she knew I was having relatives in from out of town. Once they left I text her on Tuesday and she said hello, asked how her weekend was and she has not text me since. I haven't reach out to her since, not knowing why she is acting like this and because I don't really like text more than one or twice week.

Should I contact her? or wait for her to contact me? Before we got intimate she hardly ever text me but she did respond to my txt.

Any help would be appreciated..

Take care,


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  • Everyone knows by now that most women take sex more seriously. Once you got intimate she was probably assuming that you guys had moved on to the next level relationship-wise. Which would entail more frequent contact, for one thing. The way you hardly contact her makes it seem like you're brushing her off. And the times you do text could possibly be seen as you being bored and having no one else to text, or looking for another lay, or whatever. So she's mad and silent because she's hurt.

    If you like this girl then you need to show her you're still interested by communicating with her more. If you're no longer that into her, you need to man up and not play games. Whether intentional or not, you're kind of being inconsiderate. /:

  • If you like her and want to move forward with your relationship, call her! If not - let her know you're no longer interested so you can both move on. Texting is fine for a quick "hi"...but calling is ALWAYS better.


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