Being bought things by someone you're dating..

Is it weird that this makes me uncomfortable?

Girls - how do you feel when the guy you're dating buys you things?

Like, the normal thing is that people split the bill during the sort of 'dating' period, I don't mind buying things for him or paying for the full bill, and I'll often try to.. But, I feel really weird being bought things still :/ or having stuff paid for for me, like today he bought my stuff from the grocery shop for me, it was like £4 but he insisted on paying..

I find it hard to be bought things, even by someone who makes more money than me...


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  • hes just trying really hard to get in your pants by the sounds of it. iam a cheap bastard I hardly buy anybody anything really


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  • To me, I wouldn't by girls things to impress her or anything. I'm not that insecure. I buy her things to spoil her because I want to. I usually think of doing this when I'm deep into the relationship with the girl.

    If I were a girl, I'd be justified into feeling weird if a person I'm dating immediately buys me something of value. You have every right to express concern. I like that you're not a gold digger type who accepts it sans question.


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  • It's hard for me too. He's trying to show his feelings for you by purchasing you things, just tell him that's not what shows you the most love even though you do appreciate it. Straight up tell him that it makes you uncomfortable.