What should I do about our situation?

Long story short, I have been friends with a guy for 5 years, about 2 years back I broke up with my boyfriend and we got closer. As we both play the same sport, we see each other at tournaments every other month or so. We started to get closer and would hang out grabbing dinner etc, talking. When I went over to his country for 3 months to play in the domestic league - that's when we started sort of "dating". But he comes from a very different culture from mine and I wasn't sure about his actions. he's different from the average guy in his country, so I thought he was being friendly.

In the end, I left the country with things left hanging in the air. And he started dating another girl around the time I was about to leave. I was a bit upset as we were still hanging out and I thought he was still interested in me. Anyway recently, he confessed his feelings to me and said that he was - and still is - interested in me and that he always thought I was never gonna reciprocate his feelings and that I was completely out of his league he felt awkward approaching me about it. And that if I was still interested in him - we should start all over again and date for real.

I don't know. I don't know what to do cause I still feel a bit bothered about the whole other girl thing. And am unsure how to move forward? How should I address this?


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  • If you like each other don't worry about the other girl. Try dating him and see what he's like.