Is he losing interest or just busy?

While at work, a customer came in and ask me to pick out a outfit for him, I did so, he ended up buying over $200 worth of stuff. He wasn't much of a conversation type, but I was making a sale. He asked for my number, and he started texting.

Within the first day of meeting him, he was sending me long messages saying "he's not letting me go" and how much he likes and wants to get to know me. He promised a lot too. He called me every morning and night, at first I was creeped out, but I started to fall for him. He was involved at his school and didn't go out much (opposite of guys I normally talk to)

We couldn't hangout the first weekend, so he stopped by when I was at work, the guy couldn't hold eye contact with me and would go to the opposite side of the store. I thought he wasn't even interested. He apologized a lot for it. The next weekend we went on our first date and he was horribly awkward and seemed not interested in me, but it took me time to realize how shy the kid is. And I told him on the date I don't want him to be shy and awkward with me and we kissed

The next week, baseball practiced started and we talked less, that weekend he seemed like he didn't want to hangout, he said he wanted to see me, but he put it off, that night we texted and he was at home watching tv. That week I continued to try to make a effort, but he just so busy to talk on the phone anymore or see each other, I came to the conclusion he's tired and busy to hangout.

He makes a lot of promises over little things, it makes me suspicious,but he also apologizes alot. I really wana hangout with him but he's always busy, did he lose interest or is he just super busy?


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  • I think he's being weird and lazy even. He wants to text you all these grand promises, but can barely even make the time to hang out with you? Even if he's shy or awkward, he should realize that if he really "doesn't want to let you go .." then he needs to actually spend time with you. I'd suggest that you move on. This sounds way more complicated then its worth.

    • We talked about making dates, but he wants me to say when and where. I still wana make it work, cause he the most decent guy I've talked to, as in who isn't a manwhore

    • Ok well you know you're own situation better then anyone else, so you need to make your own calls. But I think you're better off finding a happy medium. You need to remember that I can only go off of what you've told me, so it's not like I know you or his situation. I have no idea why he is so hard to reach. But I think you'd be better off not analyzing WHY he is that way, but finding a happy medium. Someone who is not a manwhore, but also not unavailable and weird.

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