Temporary dating- a man's perspective

What is a man's approach to dating if they know it's temporary (I.e. when you know for sure there is an expiry date in the nearish future, not for emotional reasons but practical, logistical ones, like moving, etc)?

What would you do if you met someone you really clicked with, but it was under those circumstances?

I'm the kind of person that would and has chosen to give myself into that situation, almost as if there were no parameters. I find it very worthwhile to enjoy connections in the moment and not worry about what is bound to happen. I've definitely experienced heartache as a result of that but it's always been worth it in the end (once I have time to recouperate).


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  • I wouldn't accommadate it, because to fall into an emotional suicide would be damaging for both parties,x

  • Personally it's not worth it because it will put a dampener on becoming a couple if you just knew it was going to end. All you end up with is a broken friendship with feelings confusing things.


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