Does he really like me?

If not sure if this dude likes me ...

We have placed a bet on a football game and the wager he come up with was sex!

We have been dating and talking loads , he messages me first asks to see me , take me on dates, unusual one I haven't been on before so it shows effort ! But that bet has really confused me. I thought I knew that he liked me. He knows I'm not forward with sex etc . I think a lot sometimes too much!

Please help me !


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  • He does like you sincerely. By the way he spends time with you, and taking you out on dates are very much the big signs.

    About sex, perhaps it's just something clever he came up with, and he doesn't mean it seriously.

    Even if you lose, I'm sure he'll understand your view about sex.

  • It sounds like he likes you.


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