Guys: Do you get nervous?

So I guy I talk to told me that when I don't reply to him fast enough It makes him nervous. I don't get why it makes him nervous

The only time I get nervous is when I send a risky text message and I'm just nervous by the persons reply.

Do you guys get nervous as well? or?


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  • Umm, yeah... :D Risky messages can do that to people ...

  • well of course guys get nervous as well. But on with you issue I think you frined gets nervous when you don't text back fast enough thinking that something he said was wrong or that he done something to upset you. Trust me its what most guys think when the person they text doesn't get back as fast as they usually do

    • mmm well this boy also told me that he was attracted to me. do you think this guy could like me? or should I not read into it?

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    • like what if I say something and it makes everything weird again? could he just saying that? he told me I can't get mad at him when he messages me because he's bored but nothing makes sense so I don't know to do

    • well your not going to know if things will get weird unless you ask him, otherwise all your going to do is talk yourself out of liking him back with all the worries you have going round in your head. I think he just trying to test the water with you dropping hints and seeing if anything will trigger a good reaction from you. Let him know if its working or not and see how it goes from there

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