Can not kissing a girl at the right time ruin the chance of a next date?

Is it possible to ruin your chances of a 2nd /3rd date with someone by not kissing them at the end of a date?

Personally if I really like the girl I don't like rushing things but can this upset some girls and make them feel like the guy is not interested in them / be a turn off for them even when the guy is really interested in them?

If the girl really liked the guy would this matter?

Is waiting until the 3rd date to kiss someone wrong? is kissing sooner better?


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  • No, it can't.

    The very first time I was desperate to reallyyyyyyyyyyy kiss a guy, was at the end of my first date with my current boyfriend XD

    I must say that, until that moment, I had never liked to kiss other people. At least, not much; a part of me was always thinking "ok, get tired of this and get away from me for a moment, please!", but I was shy and had so very little confidence in myself I feared other people hating me, so I never said a thing...

    Also, I never really liked someone until I met my current boyfriend... Guys liked me and I convinced myself I liked them too... And that's sad, I know.


    I had never felt the urge to kiss someone, the curiosity to know how their lips would feel on mine, I had never had my eyes drown to their lips and my heart beating faster just by doing so... Feeling little tingles on my lips while staring at other person's lips... Breathing shallowly while thinking about all that... Feeling my knees get weaker as the seconds passed and my mouth more and more dry...

    But that's how I was feeling when me and this guy (I'm now dating for a year) were arriving at my house at the end of our first date.

    We stopped near the front gate, and I didn't want to leave him. I was one hour late, my mother was worried sick about me and had called me 14 times XD , but I only discovered that when I finally got home.

    Right then, I was just happy... so happy... excited... and curious about him, about the way I was feeling... about his mouth and the strange power it has having on me!

    He approached me. My heart almost stopped! I swallowed, nervous as I'd never been in my life before! He smelled so good, smelled like a guy and like himself...

    I have that moment very clear on my head ...

    And then he kissed me on the cheek and I almost died.


    (the kiss on the cheek is how people greet each other over here in Portugal, I don't if that's like that there, where you're from...)

    ... But, then, we went on the second date. and on the third one.

    almost two weeks after that, he was beginning to enter my friend-zone, he was almost one of my best friends at that time!... XD

    And he surprised me by kissing me.

    At this time we we're already comfortable enough around the other and I was lying with my head on his lap, not nervous at all. Not thinking about anything sexual or sensual. Suddenly, he calls my name and the next thing I know he was kissing me, Spiderman style !

    He did it at the perfect time! Now he's my boyfriend and my best friend XD

    I don't know if it had gone the same way, had he kissed me on the first date.

    But I liked how things turned out; in a couple of days I got back those feelings I had on the first dates, when he was so very far away from my friend-zone...

    I've told him how I felt on the first date; he told me too. He wanted to kiss me as badly as I wanted to kiss him. But neither of us would change the way things went; it is our story and I like it very much!

    • Mas que grande est?ria :p

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    • That seems similar to what I did wrong. I hope I'm not stuck in the "Friend-Zone" now after not kissing, I will have to just go for it next time and hope :)

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