(What does this refer to?) I want us to date each other.. But I don't want to actually go on 'dates' .

What would your impression be if you asked someone you like :

"What do you want from me?"

They said:

"I want us to date--but I don't actually want to 'go out on dates".


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  • Then that means he inteprets a date as spending time at home.

    • But no one asked if he wanted to 'date'.

    • That is actually my reaction/impression of him. No emotions or opinion towards him involved.

    • oh, I see. thanks :)

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  • Try an at home date and see if he means just hanging out. If its all about wanting to have sex he probably only wants that out of you

    • im not sexually active atm. he knows that.

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    • Eire she doesn't want to be seen with me or she just prefers to stay in?

    • hm.. OK interesting. thanks ;-) wait. why would you think she wouldn't want to be seen with u?

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  • sex. or an easy hook-up.

    • If a Woman said it. are only if a guy said it?

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    • homebody? why do you think women are homebodies?

    • not all woman...just maybe that one specifically. your not very specific with the question your answering. maybe if you gave more details people would know what you are talking about.