Is this wrong of me or not? I'm single

I am a single girl, and have been for over a year. I have casually talked to guys here and there, came close to dating, but I always seem to push guys away more than anything, because of being hurt in the past.

I've recently just been talking and casually flirting, and maybe a kiss would come out of it if I was actually starting to like the person or could see it maybe going somewhere.

Basically, I have been keeping my options open until I know when something is right.

I have been talking to this one guy more than others, we're not exclusive and it's just been hanging out flirting and such. I was asked on a date the other night but I agreed to a hangout on the weekend. So last night me and this guy got together, he wanted me to come over and I was kind of hesitant about it , but I know my boundaries. So we ended up just talking and playing pool and other games, and it went really well. I thought I actually was starting to like him a little bit for such a short time. we talked non-stop. He made me dinner and everything. We ended up watching a movie and that's when we got all cuddly and close. It was nothing really, until he started to kiss me, and I went with it at first, but it was just small pecks and then I kind of pulled away.

He started touching gently and such, which I was unsure of, but I did like it some what. Just I would stop him from going any farther. After we went up to his room, and we just cuddled, kissed a lot before and after going up to his room, and he tried to get closer to me, and I was going with it a little bit because it was a turn on and I did feel a little bit of attraction, although it was the first time we've got together just us two. After a little bit, I was just getting really turned on and I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable about it, because I'm not like that at all, and nothing has ever happened like this during a first date. but I let him finger me a little bit, and although it felt good, I still was really uncomfortable and had him stop after a little.

After that I just felt totally uncomfortable, as in why did I let that happen, I had no intentions of that and I wasn't going to let it happen.

Also, I don't know why I feel a little bit of guilt although me and the guy I was also casually talking too aren't exclusive and just have been talking here and there. It's nothing serious. Is it just because I'm not used to this or because I have never done something like that? I would have never let sex happen, and it was just touching, I didn't do anything to him, so why do I constantly keep thinking about it? It's not like I'm in a serious relationship, because I would never cheat and never have. Advice please!


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  • sounds to me that he isn't the guy for you. You gave him plenty of signals that you were uncomfortable and still he tried to push things further physically with you. That is downright disrespectful. I'm sorry this has happened to you, remember how you feel (because I've been there too) and use it as a learning experience to say no in the future. I make it a rule to never do anything that I would regret later... I ask myself, "Would I feel guilty/upset about this happening?" If the answer is yes, then I don't do it and realize that the time is not right.


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  • You should better be careful wid such boys... bcoz such people jst look at girls as a use n throw material... he jst wanted u to be wid him for sex purpose only... try better persons... there are a lot u of guy u can go wid :D

  • stfu anon user, How is the op a hoe if she stopped? Maybe, you feel that he's not the one for you.

  • because you a hoe yo.


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