If I text him again after no response, will that annoy him?

My boyfriend is sick and all week our communication has been off because of it. I thought he wanted to break up with me but on Thursday he explained how sick he is and apologized for not talking to me as much.

We didn't talk at all on Friday, and then on Saturday (yesterday) I sent him a text asking how he's holding up and got nothing :(

If I text him again tonight saying something like "Hey ___ , get better soon cause I miss you!" , will that be annoying?

We've been dating for a little over 2 months and its been 2 weeks since I've last seen him and it sucks :(

I know he's sick because the flu is going around in my area. My dad was sick, now my brother and sister are sick, and I think I might be sick too.

I just don't know if my texts are considered bothering or if they help him see that I care and want to see him again soon.


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  • If he finds it annoying then he is messed up on the head. He should appreciate the effort you give showing that you care for him and love him.

    • Lol I do love him! Haven't told him that yet though :P That's why I was freaking out all of last week up until Thursday night thinking he wanted us to break up.

    • Hey! You got this babyyy.

    • Haha what? :P

  • i wouldn't get my hopes up :/

    • What do you mean?

    • it sounds like he is avoiding you and trying to break up.

    • If he was, then why would he send me that text on Thursday night saying he's sorry and feeling sick? I didn't ask him why he hasn't been talking to me. And before last week, everything was good (plus Thursday night when we were talking, he flirted with me for a bit and then said good night).