How to keep a relationship going?

I'm a very busy guy. I'm writing almost all the time. I get distracted very easily and can hide away at home for days with just me and my brainstorming sessions. Aloof would be a good word for it. But I'm not anti-social or whatevs, just prefer time at home writing or gaming to being out partying and drinking.

Thing is, I like this girl. We did some stuff last year, saw a movie, got dinner the whole thing, but in my mind it was never really a date, just some friends chilling. I know it was a date and the fact that I never followed up on it (ie 2nd date, 3rd date) until now makes me look absolutely terrible. The biggest problem is that just me and her, we're cool and talk about tons of awesome stuff. But anytime someone brings up "dating" or "boyfriend/girlfriend" neither of know how to react.

I'm not really good at dating or relationships, in fact I'm absolutely terrible at both. Now it's a year later and I can see how stupid I was being. I don't know if she's still in to me. We text a lot and sometimes play games together and have a great time. We weren't technically going out, at least we never thought of it that way. All these societal notions are annoying. Why can't two people enjoy similar things together without it having to be a date? It's so much pressure when you call it a date! But I digress.

I really like her, but I have no idea what I'm doing. There's a concert coming up that we both want to go to and I was thinking of inviting her and maybe going somewhere to eat afterward. Would this be considered a date? I have never been so confused in my life, it's unsettling. I've always had the answers for everything, I mean I often research and look anything that bothers me, but having a relationship? That's alien to me. I have no idea what I'm doing and am flying by the seat of my pants. It is rather exciting, but I don't want to screw things up. Maybe we could go see a movie together or something before the concert rolls around. I don't know. help?

I'm sure it will be easier the more we hang out, but right now I'm still unsure as to whether or not I want a relationship but at the same time I don't want her to be the one that got away. My life is confusing right now, I may be moving to New York (maybe being a 50% chance) in the summer so I don't want to date ehr for like 5 months than have to leave her, but at the same time I want to spend all summer with her. Gah!


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  • stop over thinking! ^-^ and ask her out on a date through text if you're shy. I don't know much of your dating culture but it's nice to be direct sometimes. tell her you would want to go out with her on a date then just hope for the best.. with regards to moving to new york there's still 50% chance that you won't so maybe give it a try? :)


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