Where do I stand with him - should I be passive or active?

hi all.

i've been dating this guy and all was good. something changed, and from calling me everyday now I have this gut feeling saying it's over. our last date was wonderful (I initiated it) but he hasn't called me since. I'm thinking I have two options:

1) to be passive and wait for him to call - in the begining he used to call me everyday.

2) ring him up and to be direct saying something like: "listen you make me curious, I like you, I would like to continue to see what it's all about. in the begining I felt good vibes from you, but now I feel it has changed. am I wrong? should we try? cause if no, no hard feelings and all the best to you.."

what do you guys think? which option has got better chances? is it too early to be so direct (we've been dating 3 weeks)? is it a turnoff when a girl is just open about what she wants? will you respect a girl that is direct? will it make you want her more?

or should I just call playing cool and ask if he wants to meet..?


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  • Play it cool and ask him if he wants to meet. He might be busy on something.


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