Is my boyfriend hiding something from me?

my boyfriend and I have been dating for about 10 months. last month, I saw that he was Facebook messaging this girl and he was flirting with her. he also asked for her number. I realized that she had basically all the same hobbies as me too. I get the feeling that they text every day because every time we have hung out for the past 3 weeks she texts him.

I kind of hinted something to him about something similar happening to my friend and he basically said "Whatever... I'm not getting into it." he also has brought her up to me before too. like "Ya I think she likes me" or he just brings her up in general. he deletes his text messages too.

I don't know if he is starting to like her and is hiding something from me or he's trying to make me jealous or am I just being too paranoid? HELP?!?


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  • Ask him about it. I had something like that happen with m ex and one day I asked him if he liked her more than me and he responded that didn't know. I broke up with him but stupidly got back with him. If he is going to cheat (sex isn't the only form of cheating, if he feels the need to hid it and feels guilty, there is a reason!) don't ever get back with him. Learn from my mistakes. I hope you are just being paranoid and there is nothing going on for you sakes. But I would ask him about. Don't accuse him of anything. If you do he will just get defensive. Just ask him if there is anything going on.

    PS Don't only go by what he says. Watch is body language and listen to exactly the way he said it. If he denys it too much or sees to put a lot of effort in denying it, he is probably guilty. If he is innocent, he won't feel he need to exaggerate or be forceful about the denial. Although he will be nervous no matter what even if he isn't doing anything. Nobody like situations like this.

    • Thanks so much! I mean he is super sweet to me and I don't think he will ever cheat on me. I'm also not really the jealous type because I have guy friends too but I don't text my best guy friend every day like him. If he says they are just friends should I ask him to cut back and text her only a couple times a week and to stop deleting their messages?

    • I would just tell him how it makes you feel and say that he is acting sucpicious and it worrys you. Tell him you trust him and don't accuse him of anything. Just say that it would make you feel better if you knew what the conversations were about or if you knew more about their relationship. Don't do an ultimatium or try and force him to do anything. Let him decide what to do. He will be happier with the situation if he thinks he is in control. If he cares about you he will try to make you...

    • feel better and wil want to make you happy.

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  • he can have other friends that are girls and trust is the biggest importance in a relationship I think if he is deleting the texts there is something to hide and I don't think your being paranoid its normal for you to feel like this but I think that you will need to make him talk about it and if he doesn't he is hiding something I hope this helps solve your problem x :)

  • i would be very suspicious