Is she promiscuous? Would you date her?

What's your opinion of a girl who over the course of 2 years has only slept (like ever in her life) with 2 different guys, but has kissed/made out/hooked up with 12 different guys (2 are the guys she slept with). Basically, when she's single, she acts single. But when she's in a relationship, she stays faithful. Is she still considered promiscuous? Is this a bad thing? Would it discourage you from starting a relationship with her in the future? Or would it even matter as long as when she's dating you, she's only ever with you?


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  • my only concern would be does she crave attention and physical contact? I had an ex who after 2 dates we thought everything was going great. Now she had kissed/made out with more guys than she could count including just about every guy in her social circle...The ex went on vacation for 1-week and while we weren't exclusive during that one week made out with two different guys. I wasn't angry that she made otu with some dudes but mad that it seemed like she needed constant male attention and affection

    To me the concern is that whenever they are alone or perhaps drinking a bit they crave male attention/physical closeness. That girl and I have now been dating for two years and I trust her 100%. I don't love the fact that she has kissed a ton of guys but it is also better than having slept with a ton of guys and while it may mean she craves physical affection at least she is relatively responsible about it.

    By definition it is probably promiscuous but at the same time it's not as bad as it could be. I would probably date the girl in your example IF I felt like I could trust her

    • Making out with someone when you're dating someone else is a definite no for this girl. Pretty much, she just likes to have fun, but when she's with someone, she doesn't get with anyone else.

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  • If a girl is doing what you've described because she's looking for attention & affection from guys, then it's sketchy and a turn off. But if she's simply comfortable with herself and not shy when it comes to interacting with guys, while also being safe/cautious when it comes to sex, then there's nothing wrong with that...and confidence is definitely attractive.

    • Not because she's looking for attention, at least I don't think, but just because it's the weekend and it's a fun time and it just happens. Basically, when she's single, she acts single, but when she's dating someone or even unofficially seeing someone, she doesn't do anything with anyone else.

  • As long as she is faithful, that is the most important thing to me. I want to feel and know in my heart that I can trust her.

  • I wouldn't care so long as I believed that she would remain faithful to me whilst in a relationship with me. Kissing 12 people in the last 2 years is less than me so I would be a hypocrite if I did have a problem with it. I don't think its an excessive amount at all.

  • Wouldn't date

    12 guys? Yes, it's "good" she didn't actually f*** with them but hey - I don't want a girlfriend who is a "public property"

  • Not promiscuous. I wouldn't care as long as she doesn't f*** me over.

  • Is hooked up the same as made out with to you? If a girl just kissed a few guys, I'd be fine with dating her in the future. Only having sex with 2 guys is acceptable to me as well. But, if hooked up with means sexual contact that didn't involve vaginal intercourse, I think she's promiscuous and wouldn't date her. For instance, if she's sucked off 12 guys, why would I want a girl like that?

    • I do usually say "hooked-up" to encompass anything from making out to oral, but in this case I used to it to include oral. And the slash marks were supposed to represent "or" but I should have been more specific. So hooked-up or kissed or made out. Of the 12, slept with 2. Just hooked up with 5 (well, 7, including the 2 she slept with). And just strictly made out with 5 of them.

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    • I was asking, because now I kind of feel bad about it, so I'm pretty much going to try to be on my best behavior and not do anything with anyone else unless we're dating. What if 7 was the only number when I'm like 23? Is it better then because I would be older and it's a bigger time period, or is 7 always just going to be a bad number?

    • Nothing to feel bad about.. There are other girls that have greatly surpassed that number.

      Every guy is going to have a different number in their head and some won't care whatsoever. So what a guy like me considers it promiscuous? You can't please everyone and you shouldn't try to. Just go about it like you have been.

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