What's the deal with people who get angry when other people get angry at them?

John and Amy have been dating for a 6 months.

John sets up a date with Amy. She doesn't make other plans for the day because of it.

John doesn't show, doesn't call, doesn't text.

Amy gets pissed.

John texts the very next day, apologizing that he overslept and setting another date for later.

Amy agrees.

John stands her up again. No signs of life.

She texts him over and over again, no answer.

Amy gets ultra pissed. She POLITELY texts John reminding him that he was very rude and, even though she loves him, she's very hurt. She also says that she won't text anymore, as she feels she's bothering him.

John answers. THE NEXT DAY. Getting mad because he's very tired from work and he has some personal issues and Amy doesn't seem to understand him.

I just witnessed this with my 25 years old sister. And I don't get it. AT ALL.

"John" is a very nice guy, but sometimes he pulls this stunt off out of nowhere.

So now I have a crying sister in my room asking me for advice I can't give because he doesn't seem to acknowledge his mistake.


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  • She should just dump him then. It seems like he doesn't really care for her.