All the other guys gross me out

Hey everyone so I'm kind of in deep sh*t here haha, so basically, since my ex broke up with me about a month ago, I obviously can't get over him, I'm still madly in love with him, but I do have other guys who like me, I'm actually talking to 3 guys, they're all extremely cute, and nice and everything but they gross me out ! I can't picture myself dating them or doing anything sexual with them, it really grosses me out, like I actually feel like puking.

And I really want to start dating again and try to get over my ex, but it feels IMPOSSIBLE, how do I get rid of this feeling, it's seriously getting on my nerves, especially when my ex has a new girlfriend, okay what do I do ? I'm even scared of the thought of going on a date, like wtf ?


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  • You're still dealing with the psychological effects of the break up...not being over the guy, and the fact he's already moved on with another girl making it that much tougher to deal with. Everyone deals with that sorta thing in their own way...I'd suggest cutting all ties with the dude (the fact you know he has a new girlfriend is more info than you should need to know), and eventually time should take care of the rest. Not a great solution I realize, but whaddya gonna do?

  • So if they're grossing you out, then why are you even wasting your breath and energy on them? Just be by yourself until you either get over your ex, or you meet someone who doesn't gross you out. Focus on your school work and your friends. With time, you'll get over your ex and you'll be more open for another guy.


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