How long will a guy wait to date a girl

Basically, we live almost 2,000 miles apart and we've known each other for about 10 years. We've both really liked each other for a while, but I won't date him because 2000 miles is far away and I'd probably only see him about 1-3 times a year. He continues to talk to me and hints things about future plans with me like "After I'm done with boot camp (not for another year) I want to come visit you" or "I need to see you" "I miss you" and I don't know I feel kind of bad that he's doing this but he seems like he wants to. I can't really tell if this is a simple like or if he's like, in love with me because we both have gone and dated, but we always revert back to each other...? Should we continue to pursue each other or let it go?


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  • It really depends upon your feelings about him.

    Do you see yourself spending a good long time with him in a relationship? If that is yes, you should go for it. Some guys really wait for a long time for a girl. He seems to be sincere and genuine of his feelings for you.


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  • Aercz is right Its obvious he is willing to wait and if you are too the go for it :) If not then just break communications. Guys are willing to wait ALONG time. My sister had a guy always crushing on her everyone knew including her. She would let him come over and every time he did he always had some sort of gift. He did this for about 4 years before she found a boyfriend and broke communications with her

    But to answer this "Should we continue to pursue each other or let it go?" You both should have a long talk about the future and if you both are willing go for it :) ^_^ hoped this helped

  • 1. Sound sensible.

    2. Find someone near you.

    3. Next.


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