What to do confused? Don't know how to confront this issue?

a month ago I got back

together with my ex and every

things been fine we've had

great communication and

things were getting better until

a couple of days ago when i

noticed that he was more

distracted than usual and i

began to feel neglected,

boring, and forgettable. i

decided to talk to him about

and we discussed it thoroughly

i told him that it wasn't fair for

me to not hear from him for

an entire day because it made

me feel like he was taking me

for granted and making the

statement that he didn't miss

me and that made me feel like

crap. his response to this was

that he understood my point of

view but that due to his

schedule he couldn't talk to

me as much as he'd like to and

it gave us something to talk

out. I didn't agree with him

and continued making it a

point that I didn't expect him

to let me know his every move

because I trusted him but that

i did want to hear the big parts

and not find out later on that

he was at a family function or

etc. and that' why he couldn't

answer or text back...because

one calling him and him not

answering made me feel

stupid and as if he was

avoiding me which once again

made me feel both like a

dumb *** and alone once he

did tell me what he up to. he

listened to my point of view

and when I asked him what he

had to say about it if he had

any comment about it and his

only response was that he was

just gonna take it and didn't

want to talk about it anymore

because he didn't want to hear

me hurt me any more so he

was just gonna take the blame

and deal with it himself. i

asked him to not go there and

to just let it out because if he

kept it bottled in it was gonna

eat him and us alive. his only

response was an I'm sorry I'm

sorry I'm sorry we continued

talking but he seemed distant

which I took as a red flag after

we hung up he began texting

me messages that seemed


Example: just woke up.. bout

to take a shower...thought id

let you know...

at first I didn't make anything

about it bout it then a couple

of messages followed.

Example:bout to brush my


Example: bout to make

popcorn and watch a movie

i'm so confused with the way

hes acting at this moment i

called him and he didn't

answer. I understand if I hit his

pride but he doesn't have to

be giving me attitude the he

seems to be I love him but this

is started to bother me cause

every time I ask if everything's

okay he just says yes when it

clearly isn't...i have no idea

how to approach this



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  • Hi, I think this guy is playing you he just want to control you by the sound of things, and as you say doesn't hardly answer his phone and doesn't like you to know what he is up to, or where he is,and as for texting you saying about showering brushing his teeth, make popcorn watch a movie, he is just being sarcastic, and very childish, I think you should look at this relationship and ask yourself do you want or need this pathetic childish attitude that he is displaying,just move on and find someone who respects your feeling, hope this helps, good luck.




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  • 1. That's a long message.

    2. Too long.

    3. You're an insecure person.

    4. A controller.

    5. Is this how you want to live?

    6. Its your decision.

    7. The more you do that, the more he will know you are weak.

    8. Go do something on your own.

    9. And stay off Text and The Internet for 6 months.

  • He really is taking you for granted. You're better off without him.


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