How do you trust again?

Long story short, I've always had bad relationships. I've been dating a guy for 2 months now but he's been trying to date me for the past year and a half. I know he's a good guy, he's always treated me perfectly and gone out of his way for me even when we weren't dating. It took us so long to date because we both weren't ready but now we are (we didn't even make out until we started dating). Anyways he goes out with his guy friends at least twice a week and sees me the other nights. The thing is that I'm having the hardest time letting him go out. I don't fight about it or even bring it up to him but when he's out at guys night my mind wanders. Most of my friends can't go out these nights so going out on girls night isn't an option. But has anyone else dealt with this? How did you solve it? I really want him to have his guy time and I don't bring it up to him but I can't get my mind to chill out.


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  • Ok let me tell you something about guy nights. WE NEVER GET ANY GIRLS LOL. If one of the guys did manage to get one, then one of the guys will "naturally" try to cockblock. Its a world tendency amongst men, when someone is successful another scumbag will try to bring him down.

    Guy nights is the only time where men can act like men. We look at girls, we talk about them, we talk about sports, video games and all other stuff BUT if something did go down...we don't got anymore room in the car! lol

    If he goes out alone, then that's a red flag.

    My advice might not apply to you, but its what I learned being a communications and behaviors major.

    • Lmao yea I can definitely see this happening. Girls tend to assume its the opposite lol. Thanks!

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