Online Dating: Did he take too long to respond to me about going out on a date?

Hey guys!

So I'm on a dating site.This guy messaged me a few times and suggested we go out for drinks.I responded to him on Feb8th saying," Sure.I work next week but I'm not sure what your schedule looks throw out a day,and we can see if that works." Anyway,he messaged me back tonight which is slightly annoying because,in my mind,if you are interested,why should it take you 10 DAYS to get back to me about it.I think it equates to lack of interest...What do you think?Am I justified in how I feel?Should I give him a chance and still go out with him?



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  • He's probably been tryin to see if it'll work out with other girls first.

    • That is probable...

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    • You're right.I was going to respond next week just because this is my birthday weekend,AND because I wanted to see how I felt about it.But I suppose I will respond sooner rather than later.But you have good advice indeed,I will give an update.Thanks!

    • You're welcome:)

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  • If you like him, you could go on the date and see how he acts. If he doesn't seem interested in you at all, then it's probably a good idea not to bother with him anymore.

    • I'm NOT that invested in him.Its just me setting boundries for myself so I am not disrespected NOW or in the future.I equate interest to jumping on the opportunity because it is very possible that I have plenty of options too.I'm not sitting around waiting for him,but I don't like the length of time he has taken.It indicates to me that he thinks I'm still waiting for him to make a decision. :/

    • Exactly, QA!

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  • He's not that interested. he probably had other prospects or forgot and is now contacting you because he's bored. I wouldn't go.

    • He should have responded in 48 hours max IMO. 24 ideally.

    • Thanks for your response.I just let him know that I lost interest in meeting,and that it was due to him taking so long to get back to me.I received no response...and its because...he doesn't care.Truly his loss...but its all good.

    • Good for you! :)

  • i had a similar experience on a dating website. if you are very interested give it a shot but don't have high expectations. I would say give it the benefit this once but be on the lookout. he could be trying to play it cool or maybe he just had many options.

    • Thanks for your opinion.I didn't talk to him that much to gain a great deal of interest,but I just can't stand that he took that long.In my profile,I indicate that meeting sooner rather than later is better.Hmm...I guess I could give it a chance.Meh

    • i wouldn't be thrilled seems like you aren't his top option perhaps, a lot of people on sites are serial daters.

    • Yeah,I agree with you.That serial dating thing happens often. :/

      Someone else did the same thing,taking way too long to respond,and I didn't go out with him.He asked me why I declined,and I told him why.This is annoying. :(