Is he not interested or is he really sick?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over 2 months and last Sunday he told me he's starting to feel sick. Our communication was all off the whole past week. Then on Thursday, he texted me and apologized, and explained to me how miserable he's feeling (I didn't ask him what's up, he offered the info to me). I told him to get better and let me know if he needs anything and he said OK and wished me good night.

Since last Thursday, he hasn't texted me since. I sent him a text Saturday and Monday (today), both of which went unanswered.

I know the flu is going around, both my siblings are sick and it was on the news, but seriously?

Should I continue texting him or not, after 2 no replies?

If he wants to break up, I have NO idea why. NOTHING was wrong up until he got sick. We dated regularly, he sent me good morning text all the time, etc. And we're even at the point where we just started sleeping together.

After the first time we slept together, he did text and date me so it wasn't like a one night stand. My friend says her boyfriend was once sick for 2 whole weeks and didn't talk to her at all during that time. Should I stop bothering him and just not text him until he does?


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  • It's not because he's not texting you all the time when he's sick that he wants to break up. Maybe he's sleeping, doesn't have his cell on him, isn't in the mood to text, ... When I'm sick, I just wanna stay in bed and sleep, not being bothered by texting. Just text him once more, ask him if he's feeling better and that you'll be there when he needs you. Then just leave him for a couple of days until you hear from him.

    • Well he did tell me last week that he's been going to work and his class... I don't know if that'll make him more tired and sick or not. :/

      I feel like after 2 spaced out messages, I should wait now for him. Its making me feel desperate and clingy.

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    • Well this is my first real relationship. Before this guy, I always tended to call it quits cause I was scared of getting too serious. Even with the current man, I wanted to run but kept myself from leaving because I really do think we have something special. Maybe that's why I'm afraid he wants to leave me.

    • Just try to stay relaxed, a relationship should be fun and give an extra to your life, it shouldn't be a burden or feeling anxious all the time, so just enjoy the time you have :)

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