Why would my ex tell me she thinks our breakup was a good idea?

I was in a very loving relationship for 10 months with the most amazing girl. I love her so much. Anyway she went travelling to Peru for 6 months to meet her family for the first time ever. We were long distance and after 2 months she decided that she didn't know when she was coming back so I was obviously quite upset and in all the emotion I told her my deepest feelings for her - one being that I hoped one day to marry a girl like her. She freaked out and dumped me two weeks later.

From the day she ended it I went NC and 2months post break up she starts calling and texting, saying things like ''I'm so sorry I hurt you'' and telling me all the things she's been up to and that she always loved me and was happy with me. I ignored her texts and calls because I have had enough of all the f***ing drama. I still love her more than anything, but I'm not about to go and get my heart broken again. So still in NC I receive another message from saying 'I think I made the right decision to end it as I don't know when I'll back' amongst other things... Why would she be saying that she thinks the break up was the right decision? Advice from girls who have commitment issues would be helpful. Part of me wants to reach out to her, but the other side says f*** it, she left me why should I make any effort?


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  • So you haven't spoken to her at all since the break-up? I think she may be having second thoughts. It probably bothers and upsets her that you no longer correspond with her, and maybe she is trying to get a reaction out of you. She probably expected you to fight, like most dumpees do, when she dumped you. But you stopped all communication and I guess that bothers just about everyone. It is possible that she really has regrets, but it's hard to say without knowing her.

    I personally don't have commitment issues, but pretty much all of my ex-boyfriends did.

    • I haven't spoken since she dumped me. In fact, when she broke it off with me I told her I respected her decision and was happy for her and wished her all the best. She always knew what would happen if we broke up, told her exactly what I would do and I have done exactly that. NC.

      I just can't understand why she would have referred to the break up and saying it was a good idea? I think you are right, she trying to get a reaction... talk about rubbing salt in the wound..

    • Like I said, I don't know her. But if I told my ex after two months of him ignoring me that "I think it was the right decision" I think I'd be thinking "I am totally not sure if it was the right decision", and I guess that deep down inside I'd be hoping that he responds with "no, it wasn't. I miss you, etc.". I agree with you that it's pretty much pointless to state that it was the right decision if you truly think it was the right one and the other person's not talking to you anyway.

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  • She still wants to be with you