Should I tell him I miss him

Okay so I'm going to try and keep this short ...okay so their was a guy called shaun that was a big part of my life for 8 months although we were never officially boyfriend and girlfriend ( we never asked each other out ) we sure acted like it kissing,hugging etc.. And we never flirted with anyone else besides each other and we would text each other constantly during classes and see each other on weekends and then came along summer holidays ...and bam just like that we started talking less and less but the convosations we had were still the same cute ones we always had but he told me the reason why we started talking less was because he had work and he had been angry lately but then than after that nothing happened...we stop talking altogether then last Thursday after 6 long weeks of crying over him he texts me and saying " hey haven't spoken to you in ages aye" and I repyled back with " ahhaha yeah" and he never texted back but it said he "seen" it at 3am but I didn't want to messaged back as I didn't want to annoy him but honestly theirs not a day that goes by and I don't think of him I really do miss him I was the happiest I have ever been when we were together I guess and I was thinking about texting him and saying "umm hey I don't really care if you've moved on but I just want to say I actually miss you and I don't even know why we stopped talking in the first place" but I'm really not sure if he does as well and what if he says he doesn't after all it has been about 8 weeks and if he doesn't it it will be very awkward at school but for some reason in the back of mind I think he didn't text back because he thought it was awkard.


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  • You realize that while you were crying for 6 weeks, he was just living his life.

    After it had been 6 weeks, he realized it had been a while since he had touched base with you, so he sent a message.

    That should give you an idea what texting is like for guys. We don't notice the passage of time in the way that girls do. 6 weeks of silence was breaking your heart. Whereas for him, 6 weeks passed before he even noticed.

    If you're going to text him, two pieces of advice - one, don't imply he might have moved on. That isn't what this is about. And two, don't claim you guys "stopped talking" as if there was some argument that neither of you even knows how it started.

    He probably does miss you (he's a guy) but guys do not perceive the passage of time the way the girls do.


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  • Why don't you just take your chances and just say what's on your mind that's the only way to get things done, what's the worst that can happen. Put it like this, if you tell him how you feel he might like it, and if he don't he don't because worst that can happen is things are awkward at school. Just stop thinking about it and try it. Trust me, you might get what you want.

  • it never hurts to be honest in my book


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  • I don't think what youi want to do sounds bad at all. But you do realize I think he tried to open up the conversation door again by texting you? He was trying to communicate with yoiu and all you said back was" ahhaha yeah."

    Would you reply back to a text like that? I wouldnt.

    But personally, don't scold him for not texting you back since he was the one trying to reinitiate it. Just text him and be nice and friendly to him. I would say anything about has he moved on or anything like that. Just say"Hi, hows it going? Hows life? I miss talking to you :)."

    something like that.