Things eneded but her actions confuse me

I was with this girl through out last semester and everything was great. She used to have negative opinions about guys and never really opened up to anyone about her feelings. She kept things simple with guys. But when she started seeing me she finally opened up and told me that she really liked me and she doesn't believe how nice I am. We got really close and liked ourselves a lot. She would travel and come straight to my room when she gets back. She told me how happy she was to have met me and always thanked me for making her happy. She also had a problem with commitments so we were never in an official relationship and I didn't push it either so she doesn't freak out and stay away from me. On her request I let all the other girls in my life go. I'm a black guy and she is Indian-American. She goes back home over the break, it was fine for the first two or three weeks then she started saying her parents wanted her to get serious in a relationship and all that. A few days after that she stopped calling me the name she calls me, stopped texting or picking up my calls as much. Sometimes when she'd been drinking she would text me something sweet. But never did when she was sober. At the beginning of the year, she said she didn't want to do anything physical. And when we got back to school she said she wanted to be on her own. We stopped talking and hanging out as much. She even asked me to return the Christmas gift I bought her. I went to her room once and she asked me to stay there with her and she told me everything she used to tell me when we were together. I got her a Valentine's gift and she loved it. She asked me to come see it in her room but I didn't go. And later I sent her a happy Valentine's message. She was out and when she came back drunk she came banging on my door but I was asleep. She never texts on the weekends but randomly texts during the week to check on me. Her actions say she still has feelings but does she still really like me? Should I still try to fix things? Or get her to see that I really want to be with her? Shoud I just let things be? What should I do?


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  • I think you should let her go ...

    She doesn't no what she wants clearly and it isn't fair to be in a relationship like that. It seems she is easily influenced by third parties opinions and it doesn't matter about what others think! Everyone would be single if that was the case. Also the fact she has trust issues or whatever should be an excuse to treat you like crap ! Everyone has a past and her past should NOT be your present for future!

    The fact she goes missing during weekends isn't the best news either believe me I had an ex boyfriend who did that and months later after having enough I found out what's he was doing or who he was doing!

    It will be hard but it's better to get rid now that the continuous heart ache that will come , the longer you leave it the harder it will become!


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  • 1. Welcome to the world of neurotics. And Control Freaks.

    2. You made a mistake letting all the other relationships go.

    3. Forget technology if you want a relationship.

    4. I would tell that woman to take a flying leap at the Moon.

    5. Done.

  • Her contacting you while she's drunk shows that she does have some feelings for that she's holding back. Sounds like it might be a cultural thing.