Should I text her again?

I'm thinking about texting this girl that I'm interested in. Last time I texted her was in December because she wasn't replying to my text and I just moved on. I just want to see how she is doing and have small talk. We were talking and texting then all of a sudden she stop replying and calling. I don't think I did anything wrong. I try to invite her to places, but she works a double shift job.

Should I try again? It seems like she is/was interested in me.

I tried to text her again and no reply. Guess the next time I can talk to her is when I see her face to face random one day.


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  • You could try. It might not go anywhere though since its been like 2 months. But trying never hurts good luck!

    • You're right. I just want to check on her and see how she is doing. Maybe spark it back up a little.

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