It seems that most girls are genuinely happy to just go out for a drink & chat as a first date? True?

Browsing profiles on a dating site, it seems that the majority of girls are totally happy to do this as a first date.


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  • Hi there!

    I would defiantly like a first date to be casual, simply because then it's a little less threatening...

    Going out for a drink or a coffee with maybe something small on the side is fun and feels more friendly to me. Not as scary as going somewhere nice and/or fancy where it's a little more uptight and formal, and you may not feel as comfortable being yourself and talking more openly.

    If you lets say, go out and have a coffee, you can then walk around and chat, which I find nice (though that's just me). I personally would find somewhere fancy for a first date really intimidating (haha intimiDATING, lol, get it? Yeah...Sorry, I'm really tired...)

    By the way, not that fancier dates are bad, but the first date doesn't have to be all impressive by any means. The whole point of dating, in my opinion, is to get to know new people, and ultimately find your partner and best friend, and the best way to do that is to feel comfortable...

    I hope this helped a bit...

    Have a good one! :)


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What Girls Said 3

  • It's a pretty casual, no-pressure kind of date that allows you to get to know a person better. The dates after that can get a little more creative as you become familiar with each others' likes/dislikes. Or you can just keep going out for drinks. I, for one, enjoy social boozing. :D

  • Yes, it's a great date! As long as it's not the only date and from then on you refuse to go out with us anywhere (even if we go dutch).

  • Yeah I think for the most part because its more laid back one on one where you can just sit and talk an get to know each other instead of having it be too serious by like getting dinner at a restaurant or something like that


What Guys Said 2

  • This is normal. You've never met. It may be immediately awkward. Quick in person date to see if there is potential for more.

    • I'm not necessarily talking about girls you meet online.

    • If you know each other more then that, a meal or some activity that takes a few hours would be more appropriate. That may still be a drink, but probably an evening drink out, as opposed to like an fatter work drink which might be a first date off a dating site.

  • That's really true. They want to get to know the guy better, and it helps them to relax.