Would I be labelled as crazy if I go to his place unannounced? MEN what do you think?

My boyfriend of a little over 2 months got sick last Sunday and all week up until today our communication has been OFF. I He did text me once Thursday night letting me know he's really sorry and explaining how sick he is. But then after that, I haven't talked to him once.

I've sent him two texts, both asking how he's doing (Saturday afternoon and then Monday morning) but got no replies.

My best friend thinks I should go over to his place with soup and medicine and surprise him. Does that sound like a good idea? I think I should stop texting him and wait until he texts me first now. BUT, she says he could have lost his phone HOWEVER what is the possibility of that happening? I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO! D:


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  • You can do that. I mean when I'm sick I often ignore my phone to watch TV and drown in my misery, so xD

    • Im thinking he's doing that too. I really don't think he has a reason to break up with me. Can't think of one thing or sign that he wanted to from the last time we went on a date.

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    • Haha right? But it sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders. Let mr know how it goes.

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  • My heart would melt, if a girl came over to look after me while I was sick. I wouldn't think my girlfriend in that position was being crazy at all.

  • Im around my remote & lose it all the time.

    Text him before you go over.

    • So its okay for me to go over? Should I ask him the day before if I can come or not? It just feels so odd to go over without saying anything except "hey I'm coming over in 5 minutes" the day of lol

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    • Text him no more than 2 times that day. & keep what you say simple "hey I wanna cone over"

      Warning: don't start texting him day after day. Guys see that as panick and annoying.

      If he sais nothing back that day, text him back 3 days later & you can be a little more elaborate "hey our communication is sorta cut off I wanna cone see you. Let me know what you think"

      For future reference, simple text at first, then wait 3 days, then simple text with a sentece or two extra with your concerns.

    • I understand that women Are all in the details, & you tend to talk a while or text longer. That's just the way you communicate.

      However, this is annoying to men.

      Men who don't know see it as panick or freak out over nothing. & if they do know its still annoying.

      So try being more explanatory in general.

      However, don't give up on a giy who is able to listen & understand how you feel.

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  • Your best friend is right . go visit him