Girls what do you think about a tall guy that wouldn't mind dating taller girl than him?

I'm 6'1 and tall but I wouldn't dating a girl that like 6'4 -6'10. I know wouldn't be that tall around a girls like that and asking this because some girls say guys who are tall want to remain tall around a girl. Well I'm not like that because I see what it is wrong with thinking about a taller girl as cute and what happen if she was the nicest girl ever but I turned her down because she was taller. I mean come on love is more about the personality not looks.


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  • It's good to have loose standards, especially with something like height. My first boyfriend was 5'4 and I'm 5'8, it was puppy love lol. We met when we were 14 and I was purely in love wtih HIM, his height never once bothered me. Would it bother me now? Yes. I would feel like an ogre. My guy being taller than I makes me feel feminine. He's very thinly built too so it makes me watch my weight more carefully because I don't want to be bigger than him.


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  • I think guys who don't care about height or the looks are actually mature and they know true beauty lies within.Its all about the personality.It doesn't matter to you wether the girl is taller or shorter as long as you like her for her personality?right? I thinks that's really mature and I find that cute :) I have always wanted a guy to like m e for my personality rather than to like me for my outer beauty or whatsoever.

    • But I know, a girl would never like a shorter guy and likewise a guy would never want a taller guy esp. If he is just average height.

    • well I don't know about other girls but I know I wouldmind dating a shorter guy.Height really doesn't matter to me really but yea I guess majority of the girls would always like their guy to be taller than them

  • Lol, good luck meeting girls that are 6'4-6'10. I think I've met maybe one girl in my entire life with those measurements. Aren't that many around.

    • I'm asking you what you think about a guy that doesn't mind that?

    • ... Don't care? Lol.

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