Why didn't she respond to call or text?

I'm friends with a girl I really I like and I got the courage to ask if she wanted to do something that night on Friday as we were leaving school. She said yes. I called her that evening and she said she couldn't but could during vacation. She then texted me that night saying sorry she couldn't make it and we should go during vacation. So I said I'd text her next week. so at around 12 I called her and no response. So I texted her telling her the plan and said if you'd like to join us (group thing) to give me call or text. Still no response. What did I do wrong?

I should have said there was a 5 day gap in between the 2 calls


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  • You basically smothered her. Jesus how old are you?

    Listen a girl is always interested if she cancels a first date but makes a suggestion as to when she is available. You calling her and texting her repeatedly is showing too much interest. It’s kind of like going to a job interview and calling the employer 3 hrs later to ask if you get the job. You need to take your time with girls and stop acting so needy. Give her a chance to miss you and probably call or text and ask if you all are still on. Having a girl shouldn’t define your life. It should enhance it. Find other fun things in the mean time so that you don’t always think about her.

    • I didn't, I waited 5 days until contacting her again.

    • Whoa, my bad, see if she will apologize and let you know why she couldn't make it or else forget her bro

    • Will do, appreciate it.

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  • maybe she isn't interested in you like that and she doesn't want to come right out and say it so she's just trying to avoid you

    • Yea I think I'm going to have to accept that. Thanks

  • You did nothing wrong. Girls are weird like that when they don't respond. Pisses me off! I'm a woman and I don't even do that.


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  • She's not interested. Forget her :)

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