Crucial advise for a dating-newbie : What would you advise ?

What would be the #1 piece of advise you would give to someone who is new to the dating scene ?


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  • 1. allow the man do a lot of the initiating, but make subtle hints that you're interested so he isn't confused. and you should still initiate yourself. so if he calls you a few times, you should call him every once in a while so he doesn't think you're not interested.

    2. be cool with humor. laugh at his jokes. make a few of your own. tease him, be sarcastic sometimes.

    3. let him pay for the dates, but at least offer to pay. or maybe, if you've gone out a few times, and he's paid a few times, bake him some cookies. basically, let him pay, but also show that you're putting in something too.

    4. don't talk about your ex. don't talk about your dating history in depth. stay in the present.

    5. have an open mentality when you go out. don't wear sunglasses. don't have your face buried in your cell phone, ipod, books kindle, whatever. Because men are looking for a girl that they can have eye contact with. don't move too quickly, just walk a bit more slower so more quality men know you aren't in a hurry.


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  • Be yourself. If he's going to grow to like (or love) you, you want it to be the real you.. Don't pretend to be something you're not or what you think he wants you to be.