Falling for a guy I met online?

So long story short, I fell for a guy I met online that's in the military. We've been texting for 2 months now and he's gone for the next month and then back before he's gone. The only thing is, he was training in my state when we met but when he's done from where he's at now, then he'll go home which is 8 states away. I doubt he'll have a reason to come back here when he should spend time with his family, plus we never had a chance to meet before he left, but we're still talking when we can. The only thing is, I don't understand the signals I'm getting. I've been honest about how I feel. He used to instigate the texts, then I started doing it, and after he left for this next month, I wasn't expecting to hear from him but I did after we didn't text for a few days. That's a good sign right? He's just usually bad at holding conversations, but could this also partially be due to him not wanting to get too involved since he is leaving? He asked me to write to him while he's overseas in Iraq, but what will that lead to? Anything at all? I just don't want to wait for someone who doesn't want to give anything a chance.. What do I do? The biggest thing is that he is also the first guy I've ever met that has literally the same habits and personality that I do, and the same jokes, etc. I've never met someone who I've been so similar to other than one of my best friends and that was a rarity. What do I do?!


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  • see where it goes, call him when you can, Skype, keep texting and bring up the idea of seeing him if you can. don't do anything on impulse, take it slow and be patient

    good luck to ya!


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  • I agree with Evonious on the Skype thing. It is a better way to get to know someone than text or phone conversations. I hope if you choose to wait for him he will be a good guy for you. However, since I'm not sure how y'all have conversed in the past I can only say I hope you've been skyping since its easy for men to really think out what a girl wants to hear via text. In all honesty though unless you feel you can afford to kill time until he comes back, without regret, I would not wait unless there was concrete evidence supporting that he was seriously wanting a relationship afterward. I hope what ever you choose to do will be good for you! Buona fortuna!